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Craft House Treasure Box is a place to learn and enjoy making art crafts of mainly egg art, and other crafts such as teddy bear and tole painting.
I teach egg art at a class in Yokohama (Japan) and other places including some adult education schools in Tokyo.
My favorite style is Faberge-inspired egg art with elegant decorations and  engravings.


I was fascinated by egg art, when I first learned it in Canada, and now egg art is quite popular at our class. A work of egg art itself is beautiful and attracts people, but everyone can easily enjoy its process (cutting/decorating) of making original eggs, which is the most fascinating point of egg art. 

I also teach tole painting and teddy bear, but I think that tole painting needs some drawing technique to make satisfying paintings, and it seems more important to select suitable and good materials to create nice teddy bear.  

Egg art, tole painting and teddy bear have different characteristics and attractions. 

Our mission is to make happy time and place with art crafts, and we are very happy to assist our members to achieve and realize their aims and dreams through art crafts. This site has photo gallery of my own works of egg art, and other related information.

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